Public Health Organizing Committee

Kim Roberts

HENRY, National Charity
United Kingdom

Biography: Kim Roberts is Chief Executive of the UK national charity, HENRY. For ReadMore...

Research Interest: Health and Community Nutrition

Meradin Peachey

Director of Public Health
London Borough of Newham

Biography: Meradin has worked and studied in the NHS for over 30 years and is now ReadMore...

Research Interest: Public Health

Ira Richards

Toxicologist and Professor
University of South Florida

Biography: Ira Richards is a toxicologist, working as a professor in Department o ReadMore...

Research Interest: Toxicology, Environmental and Occupational Health, Pathobiol ReadMore...

Claudia Jacoova

Associate Professor
Pacific University Oregon
United States

Biography: Dr. Jacova is Associate Professor of Psychology at Pacific University, ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neurology, Cognition, Aging, Dementia

Suneela Garg

Maulana Azad Medical College

Biography: Director Professor & Head Department of Community Medicine, & Sub-Dean ReadMore...

Research Interest: Community Medicine, Public Health

Ascension Marcos

Professor/ President
Complutense University, Madrid

Biography: Prof. Marcos got her PhD at the School of Pharmacy at the Complutense ReadMore...

Research Interest: Aspects of Immunonutrition

Edite Teixeira de Lemos

Polytechnic Institute of Viseu

Biography: Edite Teixeira de Lemos received her PhD. in Bio-medical Sciences from ReadMore...

Research Interest: Nutrition and Food

Maira Bes Rastrollo

Deputy chair/ Associate Professor
University of Navarra

Biography: Maira Bes Rastrollo born on August 12, 1978 in Gerona, Spain. Current ReadMore...

Research Interest: Healthy lifestyles as potential protective factors for chron ReadMore...

Rosa María García Gimeno

University of Cordoba

Biography: Rosa María García-Gimeno is currently working as an Professor in the ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food Microbiolgy and Hygiene

Corella Piquer Maria Dolores

University of Valencia

Biography: Dolores Corella, is a PhD in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science and Food Te ReadMore...

Research Interest: Area of Preventive Medicine and Public Health.

Vania Aparecida Leandro-Merhi

Professor Doctor, Editor

Biography: Vania Aparecida Leandro-Merhi is a Professor Doctor at the Pontifical ReadMore...

Research Interest: Area of clinical nutrition and nutritional assessment of hos ReadMore...

Dirce Maria Lobo Marchioni

Associate Professor
University of Sao Paulo

Biography: Dirce Maria Lobo Marchioni persued degree in Nutrition from the Univer ReadMore...

Research Interest: Area of Nutrition and Food Consumption, Epidemiological Stud ReadMore...

Rafael Jordano Salinas

University of Cordoba

Biography: Rafael Jordano Salinas is a Member of the Editorial Board of the Jour ReadMore...

Research Interest: Area of Bromatology and Food Technology.

Jara Pérez-Jiménez

Associate Professor
Institute of Food Science, Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN-CSIC), Madrid

Biography: Jara Pérez-Jiménez holds a PhD in Food Science and Technology from t ReadMore...

Research Interest: field of Food Bio-active compounds and Human Nutrition.

Androniki Naska

Associate Professor
University of Athens

Biography: Androniki Naska is a graduate of the School of Sciences of the Univers ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dietary assessment in large epidemiological surveys, dietary ReadMore...